St James’ Church Kindergarten (Leedon)

Enter Leedon Campus
1 Leedon Road Singapore 267828
Tel : 6219 7246

SJCK (Leedon) is located on the property of St. James’ Church, which belongs to the Diocese of Singapore

St James’ Church Kindergarten (Gilstead)

Enter Gilstead Campus
25 Gilstead Road Singapore 309070
Tel: 6254 6725

Note: The lease for the St. James’ Church Kindergarten (Gilstead) ends in 2024, and will not be renewed. Please contact us at the school office for more information on enrolment matters.

St James’ Church Kindergarten (Harding)


Permanently Closed*
(as of Dec 2022)

29 Harding Road Singapore 249537

*Lease with SLA (Singapore Land Authority) has not been extended.

Memories of Harding