St. James’ Church Kindergarten (Harding)

All our indoor areas are equipped with a high-grade air purifier or a weapons-grade air sterilizer that kills bacteria and viruses with 99.999% proven efficacy.

All our outdoor areas are well-maintained for the safety of children’s use. Weekly pest control maintenance inclusive of fogging keeps the areas relatively free of pest problems.

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1. Art & Music Studios
These full-length glass studios offer a scenic view of the forested area in our backyard, and are used for activities such as art, music and movement, dance and cookery.
2. Classrooms
All the classrooms are spacious, bright and cheerfully decorated. The indoor areas are air-conditioned and the temperature is maintained at a comfortable level. Surfaces are cleaned daily to ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
3. Computer Centre
The Computer Centre is run by Ednovation. It is equipped with 8 PCs, a smartboard, a printer and a scanner. Moving visuals and sound stimuli keep the children absorbed and engrossed in fun activities covering various domains of learning.
4. Eco Farm
This area consists of a rabbit farm and fish ponds where children have opportunities to observe the rabbits and fish.
5. Field
This large open field provides children with ample opportunities to run around and expend their energy.
6. Fruit Orchard
There are over a dozen varieties of fruit trees in the fruit orchard, and children can visit this orchard for learning and exploration.
7. Multi-Purpose Hall
This large hall accommodates up to 500 children. It can be partitioned into 4 sections to cater for smaller group activities like games and music & movement.
8. Nature Garden
Children grow a variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs in this garden. They can visit this garden to look at the plants and observe how they grow. The garden provides an ideal environment where children can explore and extend their learning through observation and investigation of nature.
9. Playgrounds
There are 4 playgrounds that offer a variety of play environments and play experiences for children. The Nursery, K1 and K2 children get to use 3 different playgrounds. The first is a regular playground with EPDM rubber flooring, with commercial playground equipment, including a trampoline. The 2nd and 3rd playgrounds are unique spaces that have received MOE Innovation Awards. The 2nd playground, the Nature Playscape, was a project by 3 class groups of Nursery children. The Nature Playscape was designed by the children, built by their parents and made completely from recycled wood. The 3rd playground, the Creative Sensory Playscape, is purposefully set up to stimulate the children’s five senses and creativity as they experience and play with objects made from different materials. Surrounding the Creative Sensory Playscape is the Eco Farm with rabbits, fish, spices & herbs and fruit trees. The 4th playground is a large field with play equipment and a trampoline exclusively for the Pre-Nursery Playgroup children.
10. Sand and Water Play Areas

There are 3 sand play areas. The sandpits at the Pre-Nursery block and the Verandah next to the Art Studio have dry beach sand for sifting while the sandpit at the Creative Sensory Playscape has wet river sand for sculpting.

There are 3 water play areas. The water play area at the Pre-Nursery block has wading pools for children to fully immerse themselves in. The specially designed custom-built transparent water troughs at the Courtyard offer a variety of water play experiences and the Water Exploration Station at the Creative Sensory Playscape invite children to engage in playful experimentation with water.

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